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A processing of the RMA after receipt of goods can take up to 10 working days. Of course we try everything to make it faster.
Of course this is possible ! However, it will be chargeable ! Our technicians try to work out a cost estimate with you in advance
Of course ! We have uploaded countless videos on self-help. You can find them under our Vimeo account at:
The following applies to eScooters: In the case of third-party attachments in the area of electronics for eScooters including other motors, we are not allowed to perform warranty repairs as a Kba certified manufacturer. In this case, we charge a cost flat rate (handling and technician flat rate) of 39.90 € and you bear the return costs. (for eScooters of another 39,90). Please note that we will charge a flat rate of 39€ handling fee +39,90€ shipping costs if your case is not a warranty case.For heavily soiled vehicles we charge a fee of 29,00€ for cleaning.

Not included in the warranty are: Burst tires on wheels or scooters if they are self-inflicted (e.g. when driving over sharp objects). All maintenance or other work caused by wear and tear, accident or operating conditions, as well as driving in disregard of the manufacturer's instructions. All occurrences such as noise, vibration, wear and tear, etc., which do not significantly affect the vehicle and driving characteristics. Damage caused by: standing time, the installation of parts from a third party or the user's efforts to repair the damage himself. Mechanical damage such as case breakage on hoverboards, components subject to wear and tear such as tires, tubing, foot platform light fixtures, switches, etc. are excluded, except for clear material or manufacturing defects. Warranties are also excluded in the usual wear of wear parts such as: (tires, brakes / brake pads, chains, sprockets, bottom bracket, saddle, suspension fork, spokes, luggage rack, Bowden cables, handlebar grips, tubes / coats, bell, cat's eyes, front / rear light, pedal arms / pedals, bicycle stands, rim lock, gear shift, sprockets / cassettes / chain. Furthermore, in case of non-use of original spare parts. Damage caused by water, hail, stone chips, road salt, industrial fumes, lack of care, unsuitable care products, etc. Damage caused by fall, shock, impact, drop. Components replaced during normal maintenance operations. Equipment purchased second-hand (second-hand purchase).
We provide warranty only for goods purchased from us! If you have purchased our goods from a specialist dealer, please contact him.
We ship with DPD and you will receive a return bill from us
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Returns and returns can be handled very easily via the simple and straightforward system. The advantage for you as a customer is that you are always informed about the status of your RMA. Thus, you do not need to worry about anything. We have all the necessary information directly at our fingertips and can thus process your complaint even faster.
Usually you will receive a solution or a return bill from us within 48 hours.

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